• VMART Fusion Design represents FIGOLI Style Lab in US & Canada (07/07/2011)

    vmart fusion design

    FIGOLI Style Lab has appointed VMart-Fusion Design & Consultancy Firm as the official representative in North America. VFD is a privately-owned company established to be an international design studio and consulting firm of fashion, watches and jewelry, located in the City of New York, in the heart of fashion-forward USA. VFD offers full-time or part-time contractual and royalty-based design services for all creative sectors of the fashion and luxury industry, including start-ups, retailers or brands.

  • FIGOLI Spring Summer '11  (15/12/2010)

  • London "40 Winks". FIGOLI Presentation  (15/06/2010)

    forty winks
  • New Office in Madrid  (08/03/2010)